Disciple Training School

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First 3 months

— KNOW GOD Center your life on Jesus. Get personal breakthrough. Learn to hear God’s voice and discover God’s calling for your life.

Last 3 months

— MAKE GOD KNOWN 3 billion people don’t know Jesus. We are going to change that. Travel to the ends of the earth to share the Gospel.

Training Tracks

Tracks exist because God gave each of us unique passions and skills. Each track develops projects to meet real needs and reach the lost. Projects develop our skills and gives us the opportunity to become activists for the Gospel.

Lecture and Outreach phase differ in cost. Please use the Cost School Calculator

if you would like to know a pricing for these.



Currently, Igor composes a leadership team of the Dunamis Movement, managing a Dunamis Farm, in addition to preaching or evangelizing everywhere, moving in signs and wonders through the Holy Spirit.

Keith Wheeler

He committed his life to follow Jesus. In 1985 and since then he began carrying a 12-foot, wooden cross; now walked over 25,000 miles, through more than 180 countries on all seven continents. Keith says, “This walk has not been a walk of faith… but God’s grace, in spite of my weaknesses, fears, and inabilities. I don’t have a ministry! Jesus does!

The Andersons

Jonathan and Simone are excited as they started their journey together in missions after marrying in summer 2018. They have both been marked with a heart for the nations and have a passion to see Jesus made known.

Bram Buitenhuis

Born & raised in Holland, Bram has preached the gospel to hundreds of thousands of people through mass and personal evangelism in more than 30 countries.



A branch of the Dunamis Movement. With a new sound, they seek to awaken young people to a more intimate and intense relationship with the Father.

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For everyone that wants to Know God and make Him known.

  1. Apply online now.
  2. Application Fee:
    • 100.000 PYG (non-refundable).
    • Via Giros Tigo, number: +595 (982) 400-386.
  3. Phone call interview.
Yes, if you would like to know the cost for the school go to our calculator.

From 18 to Infinito.

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