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How Many Ywam Bases Are There In The World?

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YWAM, Youth With A Mission, has 1,200+ locations in more than 180 countries—and we’re still growing! Teams are regularly being commissioned to start new YWAM Bases in locations all over the world.

Best YWAM Locations

It’s hard to say what makes a YWAM base the best location.
Maybe you’re looking for the cheapest ywam dts? Maybe you’re looking for a base that focuses on ministry to orphans and widows? Or you might have a passion for sports or surfing. There are YWAM locations for all of those things.
Here at YWAM Asuncion we are a bit biased. We think this YWAM base is the Best YWAM Location in the entire world!
But if you’d like to search through all the YWAM DTS Locations according to your passions you can click here

Biggest YWAM Bases

It is hard to say where the biggest bases are as each YWAM ministry functions separately and the amount of staff and students changes every quarter.

Where was the first ywam base?

YWAM’s First Training Program was in Chateau-d’Oex, Switzerland when 21 students gathered in 1969 for YWAM’s first in-depth training program, the School of Evangelism.

YWAM Locations List & Map

There are over 1200+ locations of YWAM bases. If you go here to the YWAM Locations Map you can see a map and see the locations of the different Youth With A Mission ministries according to countries, passions, DTSs, etc. Here’s an image of the different YWAM Locations in the Americas.

YWAM Bases Map

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